My Journey With My Italian Catholic Upbringing Essay

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My spiritual journey started with my Italian Catholic upbringing was the first line of my autobiography when I started writing. I quickly realized my journey should be “our journey”, God and I. My early religious experiences were uninformative and hypocritical. As a child, I attended church every Sunday (not by choice), said the Our Father and Hail Mary, and was in awe of the ornate stain glass windows and marble altar. I received the sacraments of baptism, confession, communion and conformation. I do not remember my baptism since I was less than 1 month old. I remember my pretty white dress for communion, being scared to death about the dark closet size room for confession and choosing a name and Godmother for my conformation. I do not remember any biblical significance for these “major” religions events. In my family going to church was critical to being a good Catholic yet we did not have a bible in our home, never said prayers and my dad complained the church was a bunch of “crooks” that only wanted our money.
My journey with God has gone in different directions, before arriving to Christianity five years ago. In middle school, I felt I was going through the motions with no real understanding during mass. I met with the priest of our church and explained to him I did not feel connected and found the services boring. He suggested I sit in the front pew and pay better attention as well as join some youth activities. So like a good “catholic girl” I joined the basketball

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