My Journey Within The Clinical Mental Health Program At The University Of Scranton

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Final Self-Evaluation
Although my journey within the Clinical Mental Health program at the University of Scranton has come to an end, however, my journey to become a licensed professional counselor is still underway. As I tie up loose ends by handing in time sheets and remaining assignments, I find myself in a reflective peaceful space. As I look back over the years that I have spent within the program perfecting my craft, I can’t help but think that I am truly blessed. It is one thing to choose a career, but it is another to answer a calling. I say with great conviction, that I am blessed to be called to such a meaningful purpose. It is only by the grace of God that I can look back and see the person that I have matured into, not only personally but professionally. I remain humble and grateful for the opportunity, not only to reflect but, to have made it through this part of my journey. I started this program excited, yet, full of self-doubt and now in my last semester, I can gladly report that I am lesser of the two. Over the years, I have embraced challenges and endured self-doubt and it is through my internship that I have felt growth in solidifying my self-confidence. With this developed confidence I prepare to embrace the next chapter of my career with greater excitement and enthusiasm.
This semester of internship has provided me with the opportunity to hone my skills, and similar to a potter 's touch, smooth out and shape my growing edges. My goals for this semester

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