My Journey as a Psychotherapist

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Masters Degree in Psychotherapy My Journey as a Psychotherapist QUESTION “Describe your journey in becoming a counsellor. Include an examination of your own personal qualities and skills that you bring to the counselling process” 4500 words ‘Personal growth and creativity are synonymous in the life of a therapist. The very process of therapy involves the elucidation and creation of different patterns of meaning’ (Hobson 1985) Examining my personal journey towards becoming a counsellor is part of understanding my personal contribution to the therapeutic process. Through understanding my own journey I have selected theories that inform my own personal approach to counselling. In my experience this is one of the foundation…show more content…
It is this positive experience that I wish to recreate in my own experience as the therapist counselling both couples and individuals. I have noticed that as I have worked towards creating a client directed space this has facilitated the conditions necessary for clients to resolve their own issues. Rogers believed that there are three core components for therapeutic change modelled by the therapist towards the client, when the development of the person is the goal. In his book A Way of Being (1980) Rogers discusses these qualities as genuineness, unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding. Rogers argued that these three elements are sufficient for promoting change and fuller functioning in clients. A main goal of the Person Centered approach is to assist clients, through the therapist exhibiting these aspects, in coming to a fuller acceptance of self worth. Rogers believed unconditional positive regard and acceptance from the therapist promotes greater self awareness and self acceptance in clients. Therapy becomes the means by which clients remove the personal barriers that prevent them from accessing their own natural power of self growth and healing. Therefore the inherent worth of the individual forms the basis of the main ideas behind Person Centered Therapy. In my own life I have experienced therapy both as a client and as a therapist. As a client I have experienced the value of
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