My Journey of Attention Deficit Disorder and Anxity

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Some people don't understand mental illness. Ya know, like the kind of person who tells a severely depressed person to "just get over it". As any person educated on something like that would know, it's easier said than done. So i guess in that sense, my parents are morons. And althought depression wasn't the mental illness that plagued me during the last 4 years of my life, a couple other slightly less debilitating things have. Those being severe anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder. As far as the ADD goes, my parents were keen to put me on medicine for that. But every single medicine that I've tried taking to combat it only kills my personality. As anyone who personally knows me will tell you, I have a wonderful personality. Pretty much, once i got started on the medicine, I got extremely depressed. So I quit taking it. Then, of course, my grades started dropping. So, I tried a different kind. That cycle went on for three years, until at the beginning of this year. That's when I found a medicine that not only keeps me focused on one thing, it also doesn't turn me into a completely emotionless automaton. And although it took years of trial and error, the end result was worth it. At least in the sense that by the time I go off to college to start my own life, I'll have a way to keep my grades in order while not losing any of my ability to feel happiness. Now, for the anxiety.... Although it pains me to write this out, because it illustrates my failures as well as my

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