My Joy Of Life: My First Day At The ABP

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When I first joined the ABP, I was so nervous and uncomfortable. It was a new place for me, I did not know anyone, I felt lonely. I saw from the farthest someone, at every step I take I felt she was closer to me. Whenever she became closer I felt calm. She is my miracle who changed me for who I am. My soulmate name is Fay she was born on 9 April 2000. She has tanned skin lighter than mine, her hair is short, and we have the same length. She is my joy of life.
The first day in the ABP was a student orientation, in that day I met Fay. They put in the chairs numbers each number related to a group. At first, my number was four, but then I changed it, and I took number nine. By coincidence, we were in the same group, I saw her, but I did not recognize her at first. Someone was close to me and made me feel comfortable, I forgot that I was nervous. I looked into her eyes and everything was fine, she came by my side while we were hanging around the building, I smiled. I thought that I will not change my friends from the former school, I tried to avoid that belief to though. But with Fay, my desire changed and I wanted to know her more, she is the one who made me smile in my first day in the ABP, so she will be able to make me smile to the end. Through our walking, I heard her saying that she got tired and she did not need to go to the Gym if we will walk all day like this, she was joking. Then, we sat in somewhere there were four boys talking to us about their experience in the ABP. After they finished they waited for a question about anything that will help us, everyone said nothing. Suddenly, Fay rose her hand, they thought that
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She became my everything. Also, the best who can understand me and inspire positive energy in my heart, she is my cause of happiness. We are never apart, maybe in distance, but not in our hearts. It can last an eternity since it is built up with love, trust, and
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