My Jrotc Program

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The world is divided between good and bad. As humans, we have the constant need to be seen as something greater than we sometimes are. We seek approval, and acceptance. We mirror our actions based on expectations. Especially in the society being created by this new generation. Everything look glamorous, yet nothing is real. I am astonished every time I see a glimmer of humanity being shown out of pure will, instead of for social recognition. In Jrotc, I get to be amazed everyday. The way cadets dedicate themselves to help other whenever they can, it’s a sign of hope that this generation is not a complete waste, as many say, but a new beginning. Cadets in this program have helped me learned that the thing that makes you the most beautiful, it your service to others.
As a second year Jrotc cadet, I have had the pleasure to play a role in serving my community and others. I have been given the opportunity to help in a variety of events, from helping my local hospital with blood drives, to been given the chance to clean tires for car washes run by my jrotc program. I may not alway play a big role, but as my instructors tell me everyday, every detail counts, they make the big picture. As a staff member I have the chance to provide help to more people and cadets. Especially at open
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You do not need to fake your attentions, because you get a whole program to do the good you want to do. You do not need to seek approval from our society, because you earn it with your hard work. In Jrotc, everything gets divided into good ideas and good actions. Those that want to be here for the right reasons succeed. Others, decide to leave, because they think helping other is hard, a waste of time or boring. Yet, they seek social approval and work hard to hide their real intentions and fake kindness, instead of doing good and earning respect. And that is okay, because helping and serving others is not a duty, but a
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