My Junior Year Of High School

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My junior year of high school, I rocked a strapless empire waist dress. Since then every dress I buy is a strapless empire waist dress and I plan on keeping it that way. I want my wedding dress to be crème with lots of lace and a vintage type feel as well as floor length with a short train. I also plan on being barefoot, because the odds of my husband being that much taller than me that I need to wear heels is slim to none. Plus, I have never actually worn heels in my life and I do not plan on starting anytime soon. As for my soon to be husband, he will be wearing a nice suit or a tux, I honestly can’t tell the difference, so it does not really matter to me which one he chooses. I want the suite to be dark brown to match our color scheme…show more content…
The time I want my marriage to take place sunflowers will be almost out of season which will hopefully drive the price down. I also want some type of maroon colored flowers to go with our color scheme. I also like the idea of having pinecones or ivy tied into the bouquets, I’m an outdoorsy person and would like to have that showing throughout the wedding. As for the men I think a maroon and orange type lily would look good in there pockets. My bridesmaids will have bouquet’s that look close to mine, but not as big. I do not want to be over looked after all. As for attendant gifts, I plan on giving the bridesmaids and the groomsmen some sort of little gift. For the groomsmen probably a nice shaving kit with there initials on it or something, so they do not look scruffy and homeless during the wedding. As for the bridesmaids I’m not one of those people who would write on cute little mugs “will you hold my dress while pee?” or whatever. That’s not really my taste. I will probably give them nail polish to match the wedding colors or take them for a manicure so they all have nice manicured hands with the right colors for the wedding. Most of my friends are always outside and their hands look like crap which I don’t necessarily want for the wedding. For everyone who attends the wedding I plan on just having decorative cake boxes that people can take filled with wedding cake. That way it will be
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