My K-12 Intellectual Analysis

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“When you grow up in a poor area you don’t get the same opportunities as other people” (Palos, "Precious knowledge"). My K-12 educational institutions all lacked something very similar, resources and supplies this was due to money. I remember going months in core classes like math and history without a teacher. Even though I did not have many opportunities I made it, I made it to a University. Now I am here in the same classes with students who came from wealthy schools that had nothing but unbelievable resources. We are now set on the same level, regardless of our past and given the same opportunities and resources. I made it to college where I am not cultured shocked by any race, where I am confident in my person; I had to go through a lot emotionally to be this open minded.…show more content…
When people noticed what school I went to they would always congratulate me. What they did not know was how difficult it was for me to fit in my freshman year. Cass Tech has a 3% Latino rate. Meaning I rarely saw any of my fellow Latino friends, which quickly made me cultured shocked. My Latino friends all spoke similar to be (Spanish and English) they dressed similar, where typically the same religion as me, and lived in Southwest Detroit. At Cass Tech I was rushed into learning about so many new cultures and people. Which was scary at first, but it was one of the best things I have ever done. Till this day I am proud to say my best friends are Bengali Muslim woman. Cass Tech opened me up to completely new cultures and religions; I lost an immense amount of ignorance of other cultural groups. I had no idea there was a small Country on the right side of Indian named Bangladesh. I always thought that people who were Muslim had to be Arab. While I had this misconceptions other people had these thoughts of me as well, and that did not always go
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