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By: anonymous Some choices in life are difficult to make. However, making a difficult choice can help you grow and develop new skills. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been in ballet. Friends often ask me why I continue with ballet because they don’t understand it. They ask me why I do not play soccer anymore, but choose to dance instead. Even though ballet is artistic with graceful moves and beautiful costumes, ballet is also a sport similar to soccer, football, and basketball.
Ballet requires a lot of fitness. Dancers also have good endurance and have to do conditioning just like other sports. Some of the boys in our dance studio use ballet for agility to help them with other sports
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Last September, my injury never fully got better from ballet. So, in March I heard my knee “pop” and, I could not walk on it. I was on crutches for 5 days due to the pain. I had to wear an ugly knee brace everyday and used a lot of ice. The physical therapist thought I might have torn something in my knee. I was happy to find out that nothing was torn in my knee after all.
Since I could not dance and had to sit out of the class and take notes. I cannot imagine my life without it. Some people think ballet is easy, but I can tell it is not. Blistered feet, bruises that turn purple, and pulled muscles are all part of my life.
Dance is much more than a pink tutu and a pair of ‘toe’ shoes. Dance is a sport that requires flexibility, and a lot of strength. Before my knee injury in March, I would have really let the rude comments from my classmates bother me. I always reminded my friends that because of dance and injuries I am a stronger person. I am a stronger person due to my experience because, I know what I love and, that’s only what matters. People will never get my experiences and, that's okay. My classmates just don’t understand what it is to be a
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