My Lack Of Knowledge On Vietnam

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Due to my lack of knowledge on Vietnam I did not understand some the main ideas that Doung Thu Houng addresses in Paradise of the Blind, such as the importance of family. The interactive oral helped me understand the reasons why Que and Aunt Tam had altars to honor their ancestors. I found it strange that they had altars for their dead relatives, where they offered food to them. I found it odd because in the Ethiopian culture I was raised upon we do not have ancestral alters or worship our ancestors. We only offer offerings to God, since my family is Orthodox. The concept of offering food to the dead was really intrigue because they believe that not only are they honoring they’re dead but also could potentially get blessings from their ancestors. I questioned how the dead was going to help the living because I believed only God could give you blessings. I thought it was a waste of food since Hang and her mother were struggling to eat. One of the group’s topics was on food and they addressed the reason why the Vietnamese people offered food. It was their way of fulfilling their duty by taking care of the diseased, which they believe existed in another realm, and in return of their worship and care, the ancestors would give advice and bestow good fortune. I have learned from the interactive oral presentations that family is really important in Vietnam. They helped me understand why Que did the things she did for her brother such as starving herself and her only daughter to

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