My Last Day

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One of those summer nights with your friends when you just want to go out and have the time of your life , yea this was the night. I started off the day with excitement knowing it was the last day of junior year of highschool and how great this summer was going to be but the mood was just off it didnt seem like the last day of school.I got home from school and was just so relived i had no more work to worry about and i can just enjoy my days relaxing and hanging out with my friends. For weeks now my friends have been wanting to plan a trip or a one day trip or something exciting to get us away from our boring lives. A couple of ideas were stirring around like going camping for a night in a tent in the moutains in Pennsylavannia or traveling down to Boston for the weekend to go to Fenway to watch the Redsox but couldnt decided. We got together to figure it out at my friends house Dominic ,who lived in the ghetto with a bunch of siblings that never left anybody alone when Dominic had people come over. But his parents were the only ones that didnt mind all four of us coming over . But anyways deciding it took awhile it felt like all night, my two friends jake and cole who were both cheap and didnt like spening any money what so ever wanted to go camping in a tent because it would hardly cost us anything and me and dominic wanted to go to fenway because we never have been there before and it would be a good expiernece. Dominic and I just decided to camping for the night in

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