My Last Duches by Robert Browning Essay

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There is seldom a more deeply rooted bond than that between an artist and his masterpiece. However, in the poem "My Last Duchess", written by Robert Browning, it is not, in fact, the artist that possesses this bond, but the owner of the artwork. This dramatic monologue seems to be a tragic love story at first; however, as the story progresses, is it revealed to the audience that the grief-stricken Duke may have had some issues with his blushing bride. While addressing a representative of his future fiancé’s father, the Duke relays his thoughts and feelings on the untimely demise of his former Duchess. The Duke is not remorseful over the death of his bride but is instead bitter that she did not fit his expectations of a perfect wife. This…show more content…
In fact, his new marriage is the affair that sparks this retelling of events. The speaker is supposedly discussing these traits of his former wife with the servant in order to put the Count, who is the father of the Duke’s new bride, at ease about the safety and happiness of his daughter. However, many of the phrases he chooses are not particularly reassuring. The speaker says, “E’en then would be some stooping; and I choose/ Never to stoop.” (42-43). Indicating that this is a gentleman who is not to be trifled with, and will more than likely get what he desires as the end result. This can be linked to the situation he incurred with his former Duchess, in that she was not behaving in a manner pleasing to him so instead of choosing to stoop to her level and play her metaphorical game, he simply let the problem resolve itself and found a new Duchess who would fulfill his standards. However, to say whether or not he let the problem resolve or if he played a role in resolving the problem himself is still up in the air and can be left open to the interpretation of the reader. Regardless, it is highly likely that this sarcastic tone and these harsh words were meant to serve as a warning to the new bride, lest she end up with the same fate as the former Duchess. Throughout the poem, Browning uses several aspects to symbolize his character's inner feelings and consequently reveals information to help build

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