My Last Duchess And My 's Husband

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After reading My Last Duchess and My Ex- Husband, there were more similarities than there were differences. My Last Duchess was about a jealous Duke that ended up killing his wife because he thought she was cheating with the man who painted the portrait of her that is hanging on his wall for only him to see. In My Ex- Husband, the poem is about a woman who writes about how much she hates her ex, though cannot seem to move on from his mistakes of cheating. Both of these poems demonstrate poetic devices that are very similar to each other- rhyme scheme, themes, and the structure of the poem. The first similarity that was noticed was how both these poems have the same rhyme scheme. A rhyme scheme is the pattern of how rhyme sounds occur . In the case of these poems, the last word in the line rhymes with the following, and then it starts a new word to rhyme with afterwards. In My Last Duchess, the twenty- first line rhymes with the twenty- second line: “For calling up that spot of joy. She had” (21) A heart—how shall I say?—too soon made glad,” (22). When looking at the similar poem, My Ex- Husband, the twenty- first and twenty- second lines rhyme with each other as well: “Half- hidden in a corner nook. Such stuff” (21) “Was all too well rehearsed, I soon enough” (22). This is an obvious similarity to both the poems because they show this throughout the whole reading. Although these simple similarities are pretty obvious, there are some similarities that require a bit more…
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