My Last Duchess and Goblin Market

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In both the poems “My Last Duchess” and “Goblin Market” are about how women are. The way they act; the way think. One poem portrays the stereotypical women: weak, does what she is told when she is told, falls easily with temptation. The other poem talks about how strong a women is. How women can be heroes, how tough and strong minded they are. Although in the “Goblin Market” Rossetti talks about temptation “She heard a voice like voice of doves Cooing all together: They sounded kind and full of loves In the pleasant weather” (lines 77-80) but also in her poem she discusses how strong the bond of sisters and how independent women are without men. They can do better without them. They want to be with a man but the women know that they are only trouble and just a bunch of heart breakers. “Their offers should not charm us, Their evil gifts would harm us.” (lines65-66) Laura surrendered to the attractions of the Goblin fruit ("'You cannot think what figs / My teeth have met in'") and afterwards weakened "in a passionate yearning." (line266) She "gnashed her teeth for baulked desire, and wept / As if her heart would break." (lines267-268) Laura, unlike her sister did not fall for the temptations of the fruit. “...she remains able to endure the merchant men's violently hard sell” (Drake). Lizzie is oblivious as to how something so beautiful and so amazing could be so harmful and painful. But he is Her knowledge is encouraged by seeing her sisters and is proud of her strong

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