My Last Rodeo

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Last Rodeo
When I tell people I’ve competed in rodeos, everyone always seems to think of a rodeo with cows and horses. However, when I talk about rodeos I actually mean Lineman Rodeos. Some people have asked me if it has something to do with lineman that play football. Then I have to explain to them that a Lineman is a person that works on the power lines, the overhead or underground lines that supply electricity to homes and businesses then most people understand what kind of Lineman I am. A Lineman Rodeo is a competition that consist of five different events on the top of a 40-foot wood pole ranging from a hurt-man rescue, to events that pertain to doing power line work and the best of all, the egg climb, which is a speed climb from the bottom
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Seeing which poles are warped, which poles might have knots or long splits in them, which are the poles that I don’t want to climb. While walking around I can smell the chemicals in the air that are used to treat the new rodeo poles. The chemical is a distinct smell that all rodeos have in the air. My first event of the morning was the hurt-man rescue. For this event, the time starts when I first touch my climbing gear and time ends when the 185 lbs. manikin touches the ground. The time limit for this event was four minutes which I completed it in one minute and ten seconds with no deductions for safety violations. After the completion of my first event I was feeling good about the day. From there, my second and third events went really well, good times with no deductions. My fourth event was a knot tying event. I did exceptionally well in that event, beating my other competitors by two minutes or so. My last event was a streetlight and photo-cell change-out. I was a little nervous and the pressure was on because I knew that I had done good all day and had a good possibility to place in the competition and get on stage for a trophy; which would be an amazing experience for my last rodeo as an apprentice. On this event I had to score a 100 with a good time to place in the competition, and I
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