My Leader Of Influence : Sgm Escolithia Stackhouse

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My leader of influence is SGM Escolithia Stackhouse. I met SGM Stackhouse when I first arrived at my first duty station at Fort Campbell, Kentucky in December of 2004. SGM Stackhouse was a SFC at that time and was assigned as the A Company, 563RD, Transportation Platoon, Platoon Sergeant. From the first day I met SGM Stackhouse I knew she was my mentor. She displayed character attributes, leader competencies, and a passion for the Army that I instantly admired. The leader attributes are character, presence, and intellect. Actions, words, and the manner in which leaders carry themselves convey presence (Department of the Army, 2012). Presence is not just a matter of showing up; it involves the example that the leader sets to inspire others to do their best and follow their lead. One of SGM Stackhouse’s attributes that stood out the most to me was her presence. According to Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-22, “leaders illustrate through their presence that they care. There is no greater inspiration than leaders who routinely share in team hardships and dangers” (Department of the Army, 2012). SGM Stackhouse displayed military and professional bearing by not only looking like a confident leader, but also, acting as a professional. When SGM Stackhouse would walk into a room everyone would instantly stop what they were doing and be quiet. She displayed an exuberant amount of confidence just by the way she carried herself. Her uniform was always

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