Army Leadership Self-Analysis

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As an Army leader I have learned to appreciate the sense of accomplishment, yet guard against premature celebration when my leadership and guidance has gotten my team to the finish line. As General George Patton said, “ A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.” In my early days as an Army officer, I wanted to know the “secret” to successfully leading men in this organization through challenging waters to the top of the objective. However, I have now realized that there is no single “secret”, it is a journey of experiences, teachings and yes failures that will eventually “transform me from a mid-career officer to a senior military leader.” 1 The challenge is to open my mind and grow from a tactical/operational perspective to that of a much more broad, open minded and all-encompassing perspective, that of a strategic leader. Two mission specific outcomes of my training, experiences and self-assessment that I see myself fulfilling a role in my future are strategic advisor and senior leader at the strategic level. I will describe where I believe I stand now in regards to my goals and the path I have yet to embark upon. I believe I am on course to accomplishing my goals of transforming into a strategic leader who scans the environment’s horizon, assesses the information and decides how best to use it for the benefit of the organization that I serve and its best interests for the future. This paper will describe not only where I come from regarding
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