My Leadership At Piatt's Landscaping

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Where would you rate your organization or department on a one (low) to ten (high) scale in terms of being the provider of choice? Do you have any great customer service stories that have become legendary around your organization? I would personally rate my organization at a ten on a scale of one to ten on being a provider of choice. At Piatt 's Landscaping we provide the best service, with the best equipment and staff in the New Castle area. All of our equipment, tractors, tools, trucks, etc. are top of the line, the best money can buy to provide the best service in town. This past summer one job that a coworker and myself did really stood out to me. My boss has known this lady by the name of Milly for over fifteen years now, ever…show more content…
It looked like a completely different house. Whenever we were done with the job I went up and knocked on millys door and told her to come outside and take a look. She started balling, at that moment I did not care how much sweat or money was to be made at that job. The look on millys face said it all for me. How do you deal with inappropriate behavior or performance? Are you a seagull manager-do you fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on people, and then fly out? or do you deal with people in a straight and loving way as soon as you observe inappropriate behavior? Is this an area where you need some work? Whenever I deal with inappropriate behavior or performance I would say that I am a little bit of both, a seagull manager and a loving manager. It would all depend on which co worker and what they had done at that point in time. I can think of a day this past summer that one of my coworkers was slacking and not keeping up with the rest of us. So during lunch time I sat him down and had a talk about why he was not working as hard as he usually does. He told me that him and his girlfriend had broken up the night before and he wasn 't all there that day could not concentrate on what he was doing. I sent him home for the day and told him not to return until he got his head on straight. While working with the equipment that we do if you do not have a hundred percent of a person there then they are at more of a risk of getting injured. I could have been more like a
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