My Leadership At The Schools Division Essay

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My leadership at the Schools Division is vital to further improve and sustain the best practices of DepEd Zambales.
Furman (2004) cited by Wood and Hilton (2012), p. 196, Community College Review 40(3) states that educational leadership is fundamentally a moral endeavor (p215). They also considered the views of Fullan (2003) and Maxcy (2002) who explain that education administration requires responsible stewardship over resources, personnel and students (p197).
In relation, Davis (2007), according to Wood and Hilton (p197) says that responsible stewardship necessitates navigation around numerous potential pitfalls, which are compounded by on-going change.
My participation in SLP Batch 2 refreshed me with varied relevant theories and principles on leadership which necessitate employment of specific paradigms according to the peculiarity of bases for decision making. Of the leadership inputs in the SLP sessions, I was more affected with the ethical leadership paradigms. Those strengthened my leadership style and enriched my personal principles and theories applied in the workplace.
In this fast changing time, I need to expand my competencies to lead well. It includes right attitudes, values and mindsets – a paradigm shift of me, as the leader, and those of the key officials at the Schools Division.
Among the present leadership challenges at DepEd
One of the challenging changes now-a-days is the implementation of the Rationalization Plan of DepEd.
We have almost
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