My Leadership Capabilities

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M005LON - Leading in a Changing World Regular assignment 1


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Leadership is the art of influencing & directing people in such a way that will win their obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation in achieving common objectives.” -
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Regarding communication skill my group feels that I am excellent at it, I completely agree with them. That’s probably because I have a very smooth communication with them , my gesture, body language, the way I speak is easily understood by them & also the vice versa is true. They also praised me for my excellent listening skills perhaps according to me that’s the most crucial factor a good leader should posses, I strongly believe in order to be a good speaker you first need to be a very good listener.

My group feels I am good at maintaining relationships. One of my team mates told me he was very much surprised to notice my presence in his surprise birthday party. I have always maintained good relations with my team mates not only in the meetings or in the office but also beyond the office walls. Understanding my teammate’s needs has always been first on my priority list; it helps me in order to assign a particular task to the subordinate well suited for that task. It also helps me in making decisions to reward & promote my teammates. Maintaining a good relationship with your team helps in building trust in your team which ultimately results in best work out
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