My Leadership Development Plan ( Ldp ) And The Construction Of My Self Assessment

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Leadership is defined as the power or ability to lead other people, according to Webster, but its far more complex than just that. The theory of leadership entails various levels of depth to fully grasp the concept. The founder of REAL Thought Leaders, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, defines leadership as, “having a vision, sharing that vision and inspiring others to support your vision while creating their own." When beginning to think about my Leadership Development Plan (LDP) and the construction of my self-assessment I first had to define what leadership meant to myself. When I think of leadership, I can personally relate to the philosophy of Gibbins-Klein. Personally, I find myself striving to enact multiple leadership styles. However, servant leadership would be at the forefront. Servant leadership focuses on the interaction between leader and follower while accentuating how leaders can be attentive to the needs of followers, show concern for their followers, and nurture and emphasize the needs of their followers (Borland, Burton, & Kane, 2015). I like to think of myself as one who, at least attempts to, put the comfort of others before my own. Borland et al. (2015) lets us know that the primary objective of the servant leader is to first serve, and then to lead. In preparation to create this Leadership Development Plan I took part in a survey centered on servant leadership. This survey really allowed me to put some of my beliefs in perspective. I found myself agreeing with

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