My Leadership Experience As A Leadership Essay

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Introduction The reflective paper is about my leadership experience as I utilize Northouse’ Skills Approach to match my present style of leadership. The Skills Approach has three underlying skills for effective leadership namely: technical, human and conceptual skills. Through my discussion with the leadership approach, I further describe the manner on how I direct and lead my unit with my technical and human skills with lesser emphasis on conceptual skills. However, as I identify my strengths, I realize my inadequacies requiring the need for improvement. To resolve the shortcomings as a leader, I develop a leadership plan which includes enhancing skills and setting up goals in order to reach the objectives in becoming an effective leader and in aspiring for career advancement.


Leadership Approach In his textbook, Northouse discussed on the Skills Approach, that leadership is based on three skills which are technical skill that focuses on competence on working with things, human skill that emphasizes on working with people, and conceptual skill that concentrates more on working with ideas. The skills approach suggests that knowledge, abilities and skills are needed for leaders to be effective. To become effective managers or leaders it is important that I acquire the three skills: technical, human, and conceptual. Due to my role as a charge in our unit, I see myself utilizing the technical and human skills more than the conceptual skill. As charge nurse,
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