My Leadership Experience : My Experience In Leadership

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I am comfortable in leadership roles and, upon self-examination, realize my enthusiasm is such that I often find myself in them. My first meaningful leadership experience was in opposition to an obnoxious classmate. This role resulted in personal growth, and the confidence I now see as transformative in my leadership progression. I firmly believe that when we follow our passions, leadership ensues. In my home state of North Dakota 93% of STEM jobs are held by men, A fellow classmate once declared that boys should have segregated math classes because they scored statistically higher on tests. I refuted that “fact” at school the next day, armed with charts and graphs from a passionate late-night Google search. In response, I created Mining for GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science to encourage elementary and middle school girls to join activities, attend STEM-focused camps, and enroll in math and science classes. Once, while delivering a speech to over 250 eighth grade girls at North Dakota State University’s “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”, I asked for a show of hands from anyone who had been told not to study STEM because they were girls. I was stunned when almost every single girl and teacher raised her hand. The Dean of the College of Engineering then shared a poignant story of a former professor who insisted, “You’ll never go anywhere in this field.” This moment, more than any other, affirmed my commitment to change outdated stereotypes around STEM. I
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