My Leadership Journey As Assistant Head Teacher

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Chapter Four
This chapter picks up my story from chapter two as I begin my leadership journey as assistant head teacher in an inner city school in the North of England. It covers two episodes of my leadership journey as I unconsciously begin to develop the identity of a leader. Bubbling under the surface though was an identity or else my identified ‘knots’ would not have emerged.

These first two episodes are a reflective account important to my living theory, as it was during this time that I began to recognise that my values were in contradiction to my practice. This led to a dilemma for me that I can now describe as a ‘knot’ – a situation that I could not get out of – unless I left the school. It was by reflectively seeking to resolve the contradictions in my values and identity that I constructed the narrative of my journey to leadership.

Palmer (1998) and Kegan (1992) describe the self as a process rather than an entity, which has helped me come to an understanding of how/why I was changing and moving between the three, faces of my identity.
“an evolving yet coherent being, that consciously and unconsciously constructs and is constructed, reconstructs and is reconstructed, in interaction with the cultural contexts, institutions, and people with which the self lives, learns, and functions”. (Kegan 1992: 739)

By returning to this period of time in my life it has helped me make sense of how ‘I’ have been constructed and changed through the various context changes…

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