My Leadership Philosophy Analysis

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One of the beautiful things about leadership is that it is all encompassing and fluid. Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”, yet that definition doesn’t even come close to actually defining and describing what leadership can mean to a person. Leadership is a complex value, and it took a long time to grasp and apply it to my life. Through my experiences in high school and my church youth group I have come to realize that for me, leadership is the ability to inspire and positively impact the lives around me with quiet examples and actions. Growing up, I watched all of the cringe worthy movies and TV shows that displayed the cliché example of leadership, where the popular protagonist delivered a booming heartfelt message from a stoic position to inspire their peers. These programs taught me that this idea of leadership was the one and only idea, and I held on to it up until my early high school years. Around this time I was starting to figure out myself mentally and emotionally; I realized and accepted that as a person I am naturally and simply introversive. My idea of leadership came into fruition when I …show more content…

In my youth group, my friends would talk, play games and scroll through Instagram and Twitter in the middle of class and the sermons and it was very noticeable throughout the church. I made the simple decision to not to react or acknowledge anything that they did even if they directly spoke to me, I tried to quietly set the example of the right thing to do and eventually some of them followed suit. The same song was being played at School when my friends at the time started getting into drugs and alcohol. They invited me to join them at hangouts but every time I refused. I encouraged a couple of other guys to make a pact to not join them and it still stands

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