My Leadership Philosophy And How This Philosophy Affects Your Interaction With Others

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Please succinctly describe your leadership philosophy and how this philosophy impacts your interaction with others in the role(s) you listed above. (200 words or fewer)
I believe the most important tools in the leadership, is intelligence, will, and enthusiasm. As a leader, I must have a thorough understanding of the subject I am leading, so that my team will reach success and I can successfully advise the team. With enthusiasm, my team maintains a desire to continue the project.
In leadership one must be able to listen and think things over before speaking. I must constantly think how can I accomplish my goals and lead my team 's goal the best way. Just like in a chess game, one must think and listen very carefully to make a move.
I have always taken my scientific mind to any leadership situation, by first analysis in any given situation and then imagining what could be.
When I have been put in a team, I patiently draw parallels to what has been done in the past to learn from it, I weigh my risks, anticipate reactions, and, after making a decision, I wait, listen before acting.
I think one has to have a great sense humor and imagination as a leader to bring out the laughter, while treating everyone the same, and being intensely curious about the world.

Please describe what you are most passionate about and explain how you have applied this passion to the leadership activities you listed in the activities portion of this application. (200 words or fewer)
For me, nothing is
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