My Leadership Philosophy As A Leadership

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“Leadership is about people; management is about things. Successful commanders understand they are equally responsible for both.” 1 Finding a balance between executing the mission and taking care of the people is one of many challenging tasks for a commander. This paper will cover three elements. Specifically, I will discuss my leadership philosophy as commander of my unit discussing such items as a description of my philosophy, and my thoughts on key traits required for a successful leader. Next, I will examine an interview conducted with a commander to gain an in depth look at one of the most challenging leadership decisions he has experienced. Finally, I will provide an analysis of the interviewee’s actions, and compare his actions to my leadership philosophy. Within the first element, I examine my leadership philosophy as a new commander. Specifically, my philosophy encompasses advice my mother instilled in me growing up. She taught me to work hard and be honest. I should accept people for who they are and not judge. Her advice still resonates with me today, and helps shape my leadership philosophy. My leadership philosophy for my organization centers on commitment. I am committed to being the commander. This means I make myself available 24/7 for my people. I live and lead by the core values, and will do what I need to do to take care of my organization. I am “all in”! I would like the same from the people I lead, but I do understand every person has different
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