My Leadership Philosophy: My Mission Statement As A Leader

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My Leadership Philosophy
My Mission Statement as a leader: Develop my Soldiers to have trust in me, as well as trust in their own abilities; provide a learning environment to develop them into physically and mentally fit Soldiers, subject matter experts, and leaders.
The onus is on me, as a leader, to embody my mission statement and develop an environment for my Soldiers so that they can comprehend and are willing to participate under my leadership. I and my Soldiers will conduct themselves professionally, but I believe in an informal work environment that supports teamwork and flexibility. All
Soldiers will eventually cross-trained to understand and be able to execute all responsibilities of the office, as the loss of any Soldier will not stop
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Communication- Communicating is not giving orders. Have the internal fortitude to communicate your concerns or ideas and do so respectfully. Keep each other apprised of pertinent information related to work or personal issues. Interoffice collaboration and reporting will follow standard operating procedures, but is not limited to those instances dictated by SOP.

Awareness- Understand your role and responsibilities. Maintain awareness of how your roles and responsibilities affect the Unit, its mission and your fellow Soldiers. Know what is going on around you by being aware of how your work will affect Soldiers or staff sections, or how other staff sections work will affect you.

Think- Utilize critical, agile, logical, creative and diverse thought processes for problem solving. Thinking outside the box and not accepting traditional business practices as the best way of business is to be encouraged. Proposing new ideas and concepts that can improve the workplace is an admirable quality that is to be groomed and not disdained.
Anticipate requirements, think deeper than the initial solution or result and
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