My Leadership Position At Birmingham

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In my career I have held multiple leadership positions. My first leadership position with my organization came as a Supervisor of Customer Service in Birmingham, about four years ago. I was charged with leading a group of service mechanics who did work inside customers’ homes. Also within my organization, I was given the opportunity to be the Diversity Council Chairman where I was tasked to lead a diverse group of employees in unifying our workforce. As stated by Kutz (2016), “a leader is someone who influences people to work together toward the attainment of a goal”. During my time as Supervisor of Customer Service I learned quickly that I must be flexible and willing to serve those who worked for me. I was in my first management position, and I was tasked with leading a group of employees who I had never done the work in which they perform. I was in over my head, as one might say, however, I soon discovered that I must put aside my self-interest for the betterment of our team. Becoming a servant leader was a great way to earn the respect of my employees without having the “street cred”. A servant leader transcends self-interest to serve others, the organization, and society (Daft & Marcic, 2016, pg. 474). By giving ideas, recognition, and credit for accomplishments I was able to bridge the gap between my employees and myself. In doing this, I was able to learn from my employees and they were willing and open to showing me how they worked which increased my field
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