My Leadership Situation : My Life As A Leader

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My leadership situation I have been working in my family’s business since I was 12 years. I come from a business-oriented family, both my sister and I have worked the family business. Through sheer hard work, I have been able to rise up to a management position. In my life as a leader, I have always strived to apply the path-goal leadership theory, by Northouse (2013). I have come up with a clear-cut leadership model. I have learned what works best, and does not work for the family business. I continually emphasize to employees the importance of working together as a team and try as much as possible to be a role model for other workers. I continually encourage other workers to do their best and be the best in whatever work they are…show more content…
I never yell, belittle or embarrass anyone. I treat people how I would want to be treated. I always remember my parents teaching me to “criticize in private, praise in public”. I make an effort of supporting my fellow workers in all their undertakings. I explain what and why something needs to be done, I do not just say “Do this..because I said so!”. Unlike most people, when I work, every night at the dinner table I get much external data on my strengths and weakness. I am told where I need to improve which includes being overly trustworthy when it comes to dealing with fellow workers. I try to see the good in people, and have not fully yet realized that not everyone is as honest as I would expect them to be. My parents also tell me I need to be stronger when dealing with the employees that are my age. I am criticized a lot for making sure I know that the employees are not my friends. I need to only have a work relationship with them and learn not to socialize with them outside of work. They tell me I need to be a little bit more forceful when dealing with the employees, and they have shown me that I have a lack of confidence. Another weakness of mine that is drilled over and over into me this past year, is my appearance. Perception is reality. I am told that I need to cut my hair and clean myself up in order for people to take me more seriously. My weaknesses they tell me about are very similar to the style questionnaire and
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