My Leadership Strengths And Weaknesses

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When people identify leaders that they have a high regard for, they often look solely at the strengths of those leaders. Not only do these leaders appear to be perfect sometimes, they also make it look easy. In reality, all effective leaders, even the ones we believe can do no wrong, have weaknesses. The greatest amongst those leaders are capable of acknowledging their weaknesses in addition to their strengths. By distinguishing your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, you can modify your approach in a way that allows you to reinforce your strengths and further develop your weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is to identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses and produce a plan on how I will overcome these deficiencies and grow to become a better leader. As adults, we hardly ever consider the idea of having a role model. We often contribute that idea to be something that children search for from their elders. However, take a look at who currently has the most positive influence on you and why they have that influence. Certainly you could agree that this person is someone you strive to become or someone who has given you important life lessons, essentially being your role model. Being a role model for my subordinates is one of my strengths as a leader. Role models are people whose actions uphold high moral values and lead by example. Being an element leader for basic cadet training was a position that I’ve held that showcased this strength. I’ve had success as a role
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