My Leadership Style Aligns Closely With Servant Leadership

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My leadership style aligns closely to servant leadership. I lead with others in mind. I value everyone’s contributions and regularly seek out opinions. Cultivating a culture of trust is incredibly important to me. A culture of trust creates a harmonious environment where each person can be appreciated for their contribution and can feel a sense of personal accomplishment. I do not mind people making mistakes but I prefer them to learn from their mistakes. I seek to unite all parties in a controversy and can readily see the validity of alternative points of views. I’m exceptionally open-minded to untested or unconventional ideas and have a high tolerance for differences. However, I have enormously low tolerance for individuals putting their own egos or desires for self-promotion ahead of the team. When I see evidence of people acting in such a manner, I like to address the problem immediately with the individuals. If the behavior continues after a couple of warnings, these individuals will not continue to be part of my organization. When my loyalties and values are threatened, I can become very stubborn, rigid, and demanding.
The development of leaders is another key principle for me. I like to teach others to lead by providing opportunities for learning and growing through example and experience. The development of leaders requires surrendering power and delegating others to lead. In some situations, where time is of the essence and the task is not being completed to the…
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