My Leadership Style Analysis

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My philosophy is a reflection of the way I see my leadership style and how I view

my future as a leader. My philosophy is a guide to become a better leader. My

leadership style is on my life experiences, values, beliefs, and behaviors. I will discuss

my expectations of you. How we will combine our attributes together to achieve our

units mission. My guide will allow me to identify my strengths and weaknesses.

Define Leadership

The military defines leadership as the process of influencing others to achieve a

common goal or results. My theory to leadership is to instill great leaders into the unit

that are invaluable to our organization that will provide strong leadership and mold

younger Soldiers to future leaders.

My Philosophy
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With time management, it allows us to stay organized and on task to accomplish

the mission tactfully and technically. I expect training schedules posted and handed out

to the lowest level. Mainly, everyone needs that quality time, even if it is with your

family, friends, or just relaxation.


Soldier Readiness is a big factor in meeting our mission analysis. We must

maintain a healthy environment and healthy Soldiers. I expect everyone to keep there

PHAs up to date and personal records. I expect all leaders to counsel all Soldiers, on

when they need to update their PHAs, Height and Weight standards, APFT, and any life

struggles they are facing. If they are facing any situations at home, I expect the leaders

to assist the Soldier on brainstorming to come up with solutions to any situations they

are facing with a suspense.

The Army’s motto “Be all you can be!” it defines character. I believe in

challenging myself to become a better leader, person, and careerist. Promotions play a

great deal in everyone’s career. Career progression is something I look for in every

Soldier. I expect every Soldier counseled on career progression they will enroll into

college, military schools, SSDs, or anything that will progress their
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