My Leadership Style Has Changed Over The Years

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Every time I read information that pertains to leadership, I always question what I can do better. My leadership style has changed over the years. I believe that I use a combination of styles. I currently lead a staff of 21 employees. As a whole my approach is affiliative and democratic, with a little pacesetting. I also combine the coaching style with employees that welcome this type of leadership. When I first started with this institution two and a half years ago, many processes were performed manually and employees were frustrated with the workload. Upon gaining their respect and proving to them that I was willing to assist in implementing new processes and automation to make their tasks easier, I had their buy in. I am definitely an extroverted leader who engages others. A team of employees was assembled to discuss issues, projects, as well as new loan products and initiatives. Bi-weekly meetings are conducted to assign responsibilities, set target dates and work collaboratively as a team to get results. This process has made them feel as though they are part of a “bigger picture” rather than just doing their day to day responsibilities. This year, volunteers for the committee were solicited. This allows others in the department a chance to participate if they want to. The results are put on a white board in the department so that all can see the accomplishments. Our budget goals are also displayed with graphs on this board. It is my belief that the
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