My Leadership Style Of Leadership

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When this class started I had really never given much thought to my leadership style. What I have discovered is that I have the ability to be a good leader. As I completed the questionnaires and first review the results, I was somewhat surprised by what my strengths and weaknesses were and how I would be as a leader. Being at the end of this course, I can visualize myself as a leader now that I know I have good leader qualities. Upon analyzing the answers of the three people I interviewed, two reoccurring themes that kept coming up were: 1) Once I set a goal, I keep with it until the job is done completed; 2) I am a good at bringing people together for a common good cause. In analyzing the questionnaires, I definitely need to learn to deal more professionally in a conflict situation with someone I do not like. My leadership style is democratic. According to Den Hartog and Koopman (2011) the democratic style of leadership if the most effective. This type of leadership allows subordinates to feel motivated and engaged in decision-making processes. Although I have never been the leader of an organization, I agree that the democratic style is my style of leadership. The leadership style demonstrated by the leader can have a negative or positive effect on the organization, depending on the leaders attitude. Subordinates often perceive the democratic leader in a positive light (Pavlovic, Oljaca, Kostovic). In the 1960’s American Psychologist Douglas McGregor wrote a book about
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