My Leadership Theory: The Transformational Theory Of Leadership

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Throughout the world there are billions of various groups of people. When I think of my life, I can immediately see groups I am involved in. My family, multiple friends groups, work staff, and classmates are what come to my mind without any effort. There are a lot of groups here, and each one has a different person who could be considered a leader in the group. Each one of those leaders has a specific style that they employ every time they meet with the other members of the group. I consider myself to be involved in leadership in some of these groups, and I would like my leadership style to fit into what is known as the transformational theory of leadership. The transformational style of leadership is a highly involved type of leadership that is focused around the improvement of group members, not the power of the leader. According to Dr. Ronald Riggio from, transformational leadership is the most common theory of leadership. What exactly is transformational leadership exactly? He has an answer for this too, stating that the name comes from leaders who “transform” groups by making the followers more motivated and allowing them to develop leadership skills of their own (Riggio, 2009). In other words, transformational leadership makes an effort to make all the members of the group better. It is easy to say that as a…show more content…
The next I is inspirational motivation. According to, motivation through transformational leadership comes from finding clear goals and a positive attitude about the ability to achieve them. Through clear ideas and knowing how to achieve them, the members know exactly what they need to do, and this clarity is very beneficial for helping them stay on task and motivated. It helps them feel a purpose in their work and helps them feel accomplished once it is completed (Transformational,
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