My Learner 's Academic Development On Their Past Work And Observations

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I am basing my descriptions of my Average Learner’s academic development on their past work and observations. They can read and understand simple texts. In fact, the history textbook for this class is within their reading level and so they can read and understood information therein. In addition, they can listen and follow verbal instructions. For them, I do not have to repeat nor display my instruction on the whiteboard nor through PowerPoint slides, but I do sometimes have to speak slower to assure they can hear what I say. They can write simple and complex sentences, with a high degree of clarity. (I will provide further information about this when I describe their language development later in this paper). Collectively, they can collaborate in groups, preferably of no more than three students in a group, because anything more is not conducive to learning. The reason they work well together because most know each other from being in the same classes last year and the on the same sport team—this class has many baseball players. Insofar, this has proven to be advantageous, by having them in groups, and I could not be more satisfied with the results. However, they are not perfect students. They have gaps in their speculative developments. One of them is, comprehending primary sources. They are still learning to comprehend primary document texts. For example, in the past, I had tried using length, a page long or more, and unedited primary documents. I had used George

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