My Learning Experience Story

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Throughout the year my extended family loves to host family events for special occasions such as birthdays, graduation celebrations or family reunions. During these events there are always tables set up of games that are being played for entertainment. There is all ways a spades table, blackjack table, poker table, and dominoes table. I personally cannot play any of the games mentioned, so I usually play the role of the spectator. It always seems that my family members have so much fun playing the games and I have always wished that I could join all the fun by playing one of the games. With the desire of wanting to join all the fun I decided to learn how to play dominoes for my learning experience. I want to learn how to play dominoes good enough to play with friends and family. I have no experience or knowledge about the game of dominoes. So with the drive and excitement of wanting to learn and maybe master this game in the future, I will in this paper explain my dominoes learning experience story. After I decided that I wanted to learn how to play dominoes I had to figure out where I would start my learning. I knew my sister played dominos well so I figured I could use here as a teacher and she would be able to play against me so I could decide if I was learning and I would be comfortable playing with her. I contacted my sister and explained to her that I wanted to learn how to play dominoes and she agreed to help me learn. We decided that we would meet over the
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