My Learning Experience With A Radical Shake Up

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Significant learning begins with a radical shake-up

I grew up, together with my four siblings, at a small village in the Philippines. Everyone there knew each other. In those days, I did not really think that I learned something meaningful that would affect my life, but now I could say that I have a different perspective on “learning”. I’ve realized so many things from my experiences and I have seen life in a completely different perspective.

Growing up in a developing country gave me an opportunity to value things which I gave little importance to. When you want to achieve anywhere in the world you need to be properly educated. Meaningful learning occurs when students are faced in a problem-posing environment.

Most Filipino families often define education as an investment placed on their children for them to continuously grow and pursue success on their line of interest by achieving higher education. My learning experiences in the Philippines are completely different from my learning experiences here in the United States. In the article entitled Play Deficit, the author states that “Children there spend more time at their studies than US children, and they score higher on standardized international tests” (Gray 6). Indeed, most of the students in the Philippines dedicate their life to learning and gaining more knowledge. High school students have to go to school early. Classes start as early as seven or seven-thirty in the morning until five in the…

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