My Learning Journey

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My Learning Journey Xirui Liu Anna Contents List Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Orientation 2 Chapter 2 Review 3 Chapter 3 Appraisal 4 Chapter 4 Planning 4 Chapter 5 Evaluating Progress 6 Chapter 6…show more content…
Meanwhile, I might encounter the difficult problems during the study time. The questions of exam are extremely tough and the amount is large, which caused more than half of the students failed. The subjects of exam expand widely and the level is high. I also might sabotage my success by some accidents. For example, If the applicant is involved in any of the following circumstances,the institute of certified public accountants that has received the application shall not permit the applicant to register: (3)if the applicant was subjected to an administrative sanction,or removed from office or a more serious sanction, due to grave mistakes in financial, accounting,auditing, enterprise management or other economic activities, and the period between the date of the decision for such punishment or sanction and the date of application for registration is less than two years. [1] Although I may be faced with the difficulties, I will still stay motivated by keeping studying in plan and reading more business journals and information on the Internet to expand my thinking. At last, I need plan to improve my English and I should prepare for IEITS text for one year. I think I will pass it when I am a sophomore. -5- Chapter 5 Evaluating progress In my view, I am able to recognize that I have achieved my aims by an unified certificate for CPA. Because whoever has passed the unified national
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