My Learning Plan For The Future

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Leadership Forward Continuous learning and professional development are necessary parts of staying abreast of current leadership topics and practical applications. This is especially the case in the context of the dynamic world of today’s organizations and global economy. My learning plan for the future includes taking advantage of free online courses in leadership and human resources and reading related periodical and journal articles online. In particular, I desire to learn more about the following leadership topics and further incorporate them into my practice as a leader. Transformational Leadership As mentioned earlier, although I currently practice many aspects of transformational leadership, this leadership approach is one I want to continue to develop in myself. I am striving to learn more about how to truly influence and motivate followers to go above and beyond the minimum in their organizational performance. As Bottomley et al. (2014) stated, transformational leaders must “act as a vision-builder who can cast the vision, define it, align personal and organizational values, and most of all build trust” (p. 5). Leaders must be aware of their own beliefs and emotions in order to continually engage followers on a personal level (Bottomley et al., 2014). Since I have had a tendency to be task-focused and grounded in my own beliefs, as opposed to relationship-focused, I realize that I need to tap into my own emotions and that of other people more. Engaging with
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