My Learning Style: An Overview of Using Multiple Intelligences

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My learning style: An overview of using multiple intelligences and a discussion of my own learning style The idea that everyone 'learns differently' has become a kind of truism amongst the educational community. This concept seems to intuitively 'jive' with what most teachers and students experience on an intuitive level when interacting in the classroom. Some students are kinesthetic learners. They fidget in their seats and have trouble listening to a lecture, but they come to life in gym class and when doing hands-on activities such as science laboratories or putting things together in shop class. Other students are visual learners. They enjoy art and seem to understand things best in the form of pictures and diagrams. What teachers have intuited, Howard Gardner put into words when he developed his theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). Gardner believed that "all human beings possess all nine intelligences in varying amounts; each person has a different intellectual composition; we can improve education by addressing the multiple intelligences of our students; these intelligences are located in different areas of the brain and can either work independently or together; [and] these intelligences may define the human species" (Workshop: Tapping into multiple intelligences, 2004, Thirteen). Gardner's theory is, in its execution, more subtle than the notion that someone is a pure visual or spatial learner. Some people may have one intellectual strength
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