My Learning from the Westjet Case Study

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My Learning from the WestJet Case Study
Case Analysis
The case study by Munro and Khan (2013) indicates that IT has played a significant role to make the WestJet a remarkable success. WestJet started its function in 1996 with three uses Boeing 737-200 aircraft in five western Canadian Cities. However, by 2011, the airline boasted its activities reaching more than 90 Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft, 85 destinations in 18 countries and over nine thousand employees. It became “the second-largest carrier in Canada and ninth largest in North America. It described itself as a ‘high-value, low-fare airline’ with a corporate culture focused on delivering a ‘world-class guest experience’” (p. 1). The role of IT was brilliant is success of the
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Considering the transformational Trauma, Smith spent enough time with the WestJet CEO and other EVPs since her arrival to keep them informed and have their support for restructuring IT operations.
Lesson Learned from the Case
I learned several lesson from the case study that has significant implications for my organization. First, I learned that my organization needs to align its IT and business strategy. Second, it needs to benchmark its IT capacity, capacities, and structure and highlighted the related weaknesses and concerns. Third the organization needs to find out the right solutions by getting consultancy from some experts or skillful people to address those concerns and weaknesses. Finally, the organization needs to develop and implement a transformational plan for aligning IT and business strategy for reaching its growth and success. I can contextualize and apply in learning in my organization. I will spend time with the CEO and senior management to introduce them the importance of aligning IT with business strategies. Next based on my learning in this course, I will conduct a comparative study of my organization to benchmark it in terms of IT and identify the areas for improvement. In addition, in consultation with the concerned people and using my learning in this course, I will develop a transformational plan and implement it
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