My Legacy Leader : Michael J. Mahoney, Usa, Ret.

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My legacy leader is COL Michael J. Mahoney, USA, Ret. because he demonstrated and continues to demonstrate the Army Values in every facet of his military career and life. COL Mahoney has positively inspired many people through his lead-by-example attitude. He is a great mentor to me and I hope to give you a glimpse of what I see in this American patriarch. As a young college graduate COL Mahoney wanted to join the Army and make an immediate impact in law enforcement; so he became a member of the Military Police (MP) Corps in1982. With discipline and dedication, he climbed the ranks, obeyed the orders of his superiors, motivated his peers to persevere, encouraged his subordinates, and honed his personal leadership skills. Time after time he led the physical training sessions and the complex mission requirements training of the MP force in each of his units. In July 2000, COL Mahoney became the new Battalion Commander and the area Provost Marshal at Camp Humphreys, Korea. He immediately began working on a Base Defense Plan for his area of responsibility which included: Camp Humphreys, Camp Long, Camp Market, Camp Page, Camp Red Cloud, Yongsan and the DMZ. He worked tirelessly on plans for the gates and front lines, training and certification of MPs, and training and certification of Soldiers helping the MPs. The result was an exportable training DVD that proved to be quite helpful in the upcoming September 11, 2001 (9-11) situation. During 9-11, with

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