My Lesson Sequence Using Venn Diagrams And Composition

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I assess prior knowledge throughout my lesson sequence using a variety of ways. Before beginning the learning segment, I will look at students prior work on comparing and contrasting to see where each student is at in regards to their level of understanding. I found that while some students had a good understanding of the strategy, there were still many students that could use a thorough introduction to the concept. This allowed for me to begin planning ways to differentiate my instruction to include the higher students and the lower students. I crafted the Central Focus students practice compare and contrast by using Venn Diagrams and composing a paragraph that includes an introductory sentence, two-three details about how the two things are alike and different, and a concluding sentence, to encompass requisite skills for my learning segment. The learning targets for lesson 1,2, and 3, also address questions related to knowledge and skills aligned with the Central Focus that support student learning. To reach the learning objective for lesson one, students practice with me and with a pre assigned partner before doing anything by themselves. To provide additional support to students with literacy needs and IEP/504 plans, I monitor their progress, offer guidance with questions and different examples if needed, and give verbal cues during each lesson.
When developing the central focus for my learning segment, I ensured to use lesson activities that address student assets based

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