My Letter And Their Description

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First part: My Four Letter and their description.
My conformed profile is ENTJ, stands for Extravert, Intuitive, thinking, and judging. This means that in business and school I am very open to the external world, I like receiving information from internal and imaginative world, I am very logic so all the decisions I make are based on logical facts and reasons, and I like organizing, planning, and ordering everything before starting doing something. In other words, as an ENTJ, I do like to plan and organize, and I do not need the support of anyone to build up my plan and perform it. I am really determined to achieve my plan once I have created it. I am able to place people where they are and lead them to do their work properly. I think
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It is easier for this type of personality to integrate acquaintances, and be observed. An ISFP can appear very competitive and become difficult to lose (Joe Butt, n. d). An
ISFP likes experienced learning than organized education and he or she tends to practices than
theories (Joe Butt, n. d). ISFP is attached to living experiences instead of theoretical things; a person with such personality likes apprehending events rather than reading and writing about them.
One of my friends is often boring about reading and spending time taking notes in class. She has a penchant for adventures and she always thinksthat learning while being in the heart of experience is better than staying behind a book, just read and listing to the tone of your voice and then nothing else happens. She expresses great feelings when she is at ease of doing something. It is like she plunges into the activity and becomes one with. I think that ISPF is the four letter that can describe her personality.
Part 3: Experiences from the past
I faced some difficult situations, and I am going to recall two of them. I had a friend, he was completely different of me. He was always ready to help even if he does know what to do.
Someday, he asked me to do something for him and on that time I was quite busy and in the impossibility to help. Although it was something that could wait, he was really mad at me. When
I saw that he had any right to be
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