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I express my heartiest gratitude towards my faculty MS Gauri D. Chakraborty mam under whose guidance and with whose help I am able to complete my summer project on time and with such efforts. It’s because of this summer project I am able to gain so much knowledge about the preferences of audience. It was an honour for me to work under your guidance and do a research over this topic.I hereby declare that this thesis is my own work and effort and that it has not been submitted anywhere for any award. Where other sources of information have been used, they have been acknowledged .This is to certify that Ms DHRITI SHAHI who is enrolled with AMITY UNIVERSITY under BACHELOR OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION program section 2A has completed her summer project on time and with proper rules and guidelines. She has completed her summer project under my guidance. She has shown proper care and utmost sincerity in completion of this summer project.In today 's advanced world of technology, there has been many advancement in each and every field, media being one of them. Media has a vast meaning in this growing world. Media has many forms. Print media, electronic media, television, radio, films and many more. Media is an important tool to spread awareness among people and also its speciality is that it can entertain huge masses at same time. Television and films are a very important part of media industry. Not only the media industry, but also each and everyone 's life. Besides

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