My Letter For A Vice President

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Vice President “Are you sure you don’t want to aim for something lower?,” my mom asked. “No Mom, I am running for vice president.” I was pacing back and forth really deciding what I want to run for. “Do I want to run for this or that? What are the pros and what are the cons. Would anyone make fun of me?” I was thinking in my head frantically. It was the end of my third grade year and I was deciding what part of office I was going to run for. Vice President? Secretary? Or maybe even Treasurer! I then make my speech, gather the materials for my sign/poster, practice my speech in front of my parents until I got it down, and lastly, the most nervous part of trying to run for office, talking to the many faces of 900 kids. During the time…show more content…
I could hear the murmurs throughout the halls of the schools. “Oh Alex’s looks Good! “Debra’s is not making me convinced!” “Reece’s is sort of plain, but it gets the job done.” One hard part about running for vice president is that there were so many other people also running for the same spot. One in particular was my best friend Alyson Jones. She and I have been friends since the first month of school in first grade! When I skipped a grade she was my first friend that I made, and we intend to keep our friendship long lasting and keep in touch, up to today. It was the day. I was extremely nervous about talking to the 900 people at my school. What I did to prepare for the speech was practice it when I was at snack, pretend to go to the bathroom during class and practice it there, or do it in front of my friends or teachers. The lunch that day was the quickest lunch I had ever had. It felt like it was 10 minutes. Then the most exciting but dreaded part of the day came, the moment I had been waiting for. All of the students who were running for any office, would go through the back door on to the stage, as we all saw the kids flooding in through the doors. My stomach felt as if butterflies keep becoming butterflies as the seats filled up until the last one was filled. To start off the candidates for Treasurer and Secretary made their speeches quickly because there very little people running for those
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