My Letter For My Dentist Visit

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I took a seat, with my family, in the lobby of my dentist’s office as I waited to be called. I was as stiff as a board when it came to any matter regarding my teeth. My teeth never had an exceptional record when it came to dentist visits so, needless to say, I was terrified about my upcoming appointment today. I soon started fidgeting by brushing my hands together, hoping to calm down before the torture begins. Even though I got a crown a year ago, I was still very carefree with my teeth. The crown was an ugly cap that they put on a cavity. I never did care about my teeth and thought that they would never go bad. On my last dentist visit, however, I was told I needed to come back because my crown might get an infection. I feared that the…show more content…
countered another voice in the back of my head. “ Okay then, could you please sign here?” the dentist asked my mom. I then glanced over to see if they were done, when the dentist’s aide took out a long needle. They were about to begin the procedure. “ Would you please hand me the numbing, ” my dentist asked his aide. My stomach churned, giving me a skirmish feeling as they put the needle in my mouth to inject something into my gum and cheek. I gazed at my mom, probably with fear written across my face. She didn’t look thrilled either, but she knew I had to get rid of this problem sooner or later. Please let this be painless and brief I prayed silently to myself, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. “Can I have the pliers now?”, my dentist requested to his aide. His assistant handed the pliers to him as I trembled with fear. What, Pliers! They are going to pull out my tooth?, I thought to myself “Open wide”, he said as he put on his gloves Oh No, I knew this was going to be the worst part. I braced myself for impact and hoped for the best. My eyes were tearing up even before the procedure even started. I knew from my past that it will hurt, and I know how much “Okay we are ready to start,” He said cheerfully. Oh no! Please let me have a little more peace until the horror starts. He yanked to the right, and then the left, spilling out the tears in my eyes. I squeezed my mom’s hand harder and harder as it continued.
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