My Letter For My English Class

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Dear Brittney, Our next assignment for my English Composition class is to discuss my writing process and I need your help brainstorming what I should write about. “The girl is curled up in a ball holding the stuffed bear to her chest (How was I feeling? I need some imagery). Clenched fists, gritted teeth, and squinting eyes come with a need of closeness. She slowly opens her eyes and… (What signifies my strength? What helped me through this tough time?) …raises her left wrist. A yellow Livestrong bracelet (personal symbol) rests upon her wrist”. These were the questions I was asking myself when I was writing my “Laws of Life” essay. In an average week we all write many different kinds of things. Aside from the writing we have to do for school and work, many people don’t consider everyday compositions such as grocery lists, journaling, directions, and texting to be real writing. We think of a formal letter, or a detailed email as writing, but we don’t think about using a particular process or structure to compose them. Everyone has a different approach, and it can be unique to each individual such as their fingerprints. For this assignment I will focus on academic writing, which is a much more involved process. I know that before you can write an actual paper, you must first go through certain steps in order to prepare for it. Then when the time comes, you can write your essay by adding details as you go. Each writing process is different and unique to its author. An

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